Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited for Android

More Spider-Man? More endless running? Yes and you'll love it

Are you a Spidey fan who loves action-packed endless running games? If so, Spider-Man Unlimited will get your spider senses tingling.

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  • Sharp, comic-book style
  • Lots of missions and stuff to collect
  • Simple and fun to play
  • Story-based approach will please Spidey fans


  • Nothing innovative
  • A bit laggy at times


Are you a Spidey fan who loves action-packed endless running games? If so, Spider-Man Unlimited will get your spider senses tingling.

Trouble in the neighborhood

You star as the friendly neighborhood superhero and must run and jump through the rooftops collecting vials and completing missions in this vertical scroller.

It's similar to Gameloft's other licenced endless runner, Despicable Me: Minion Rush, in that the classic vertical running is interspersed with different gameplay formats, such as web-slinging through the sky, climbing up walls and free falling. These parts have different control mechanisms, which helps to keep the game fresh and keep you on your toes.

There are plenty of bad guys to crush in Spider-Man Unlimited, and you must destroy goons by sliding or jumping into them, and tackle more stubborn bosses.

The idea is that as you play through the game you unlock new incarnations of Spider-Man, pulling them out from other dimensions then building up their powers to work your way through the various chapters. In-app currency is prevalent, and it's useful to be able to continue when you die, but if you're good enough you should be able to play through without too much annoyance.

Jump around

In terms of controls, there's nothing that should present you with any problems in Spider-Man Unlimited. You simply flick from side to side to dodge obstacles, and flick up and down to jump or slide. Up and down swiping is also used to kill baddies. Web slinging is done by touching and holding the top of the screen. Everything is explained well in the form of interactive tutorials, so you shouldn't worry too much.

Sometimes when jumping I thought the controls were a bit unresponsive, and I face planted into walls several times after having already swiped upwards. The trick is to swipe nice and early or Spidey won't react in time.

Comic-book class

With its sharp, cell-shaded comic book-style graphics and fun dialog, Spider-Man Unlimited makes good use of the license. Many of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains crop up during the game and all have been well rendered.

Cut scenes are framed around the format of a real comic book, and as well as the speech bubbles there's plenty of voice dialog, which can be funny at times (though Spidey tends to repeat himself a lot!)

In my tests (on a Nexus 10) I experienced some lag issues, though not enough to spoil the game, thankfully.

Unlimited fun for Spider-Man lovers

Spider-Man Unlimited is pretty standard endless running fare, but there's enough going on to keep Spidey fans happy.

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Spider-Man Unlimited


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